AMVETS Post 78 910 Valastics Avenue Valparaiso, FL. 32580 Tel. 850-678-3828 The following Veterans Benefits and Health Care Contacts are provided for your information and possible use.   DEPARTMENT                                                                   PHONE                          WEB SITE   U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)                      1-800-827-1000                                                                                                                Veterans Benefits Administration                                   1-800-827-1000           Veterans Health Care Eligibility/Enrollment                   1-877-222-8387           Burial, Headstone and Marker Information                    1-800-697-6947           Military Funeral Honors                                                                                      Returning OIF/OEF Veterans                                         1-800-827-1000           TRICARE                                                                       1-800-444-5445           Gulf War Veterans                                                                                              Women Veterans                                                                                                G.I. Bill and Veteran Education                                      1-888-442-4551           VA Home Loan Guaranty Services                                1-888-244-6711            National Veteran Suicide Prevention Hotline                 1-800-273-8255                                                                                                                           For additional Florida Veterans Benefits please contact: Florida Department of Veterans Affairs                          1-850-487-1533         4040 Esplanade Way, #152 Talahassee, FL 32399